John Webster

Pen and Ink — April 20 to May 18 June 15

JohnWebsterJohn Webster, a Calhoun native who graduated in 1991 from Calhoun High School, earned his associate’s degree from Lewis and Clark Community College and his bachelor’s degree in art from Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL. John first became acquainted with the medium of pen and ink under the tutelage of Ric Johns during high school and continues to work with pen and ink today.

John’s main focus as an artist is to create realistic portraits and figurative drawings that are intricate, dynamic, and striking in their appeal. One of the things that sets Johns work off from other ink artists is the size of his works, some of which are substantial and are very time consuming in their application, taking several hundred hours to render. One of these pieces is a realistic drawing of Leonardo Di Vinci’s, the Mona Lisa which is four foot wide and six foot tall. Another of his pieces is a life sized drawing of a girl on a couch which is four foot by eight foot and took John over a year to draw.

John, born color blind and able to see only a limited range of colors, was attracted to pen and ink early on because of its black and white nature. A few years ago John had the opportunity to work with famed New Orleans artist, Jamie Hayes, who creates vibrant colorful art work. His influence inspired John to start adding color to his drawings combing the very old tradition of pen and ink with the new vibrant colors found in color markers and paint pens.

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